The Business School Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaborative advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in higher education through hosting conferences to discuss best practices and programs, granting awards, and serving as a resource for educators and businesspeople who are interested in increasing the opportunities for historically underrepresented groups. 


  • Chair, Danielle Beu Ammeter, University of Mississippi

  • Vice-Chair, Angela R. Guidry, Louisiana State University

  • Treasurer, Clarence Vaughn, University of Tennessee

  • Secretary, Scott Kelley, University of Kentucky

  • Marketing / Social Media Chair, Mike Breazeale, Mississippi State University

  • Conference Co-Ambassador, Barbara Lofton, University of Arkansas

  • Conference Co-Ambassador, Sonja Wiley, Louisiana State University

And members:

  • Bernard J. Milano, retired former president, KPMG Foundation and The Ph.D. Project

  • Ann Tasby, Texas Christian University

  • Robert Thomas, University of Florida


Danielle Ammeter HS.jpeg

Dr. Danielle Beu Ammeter

Assistant Dean for
   Undergraduate Programs

Instructional Associate
   Professor of Management

School of Business Administration
University of Mississippi

Mike Breazeale HS.jpg

Dr. Mike Breazeale

Nancy Allen Inclusion &
    Diversity Fellow

Associate Professor Marketing

Diversity Officer

College of Business

Mississippi State University

Randy S Groomes HS.jpg

Randy S. Groomes

Director, Diversity, Equity, and

Terry College of Business

University of Georgia

Angela R Guidry HS.jpg

Angela R. Guidry

Director, Diversity Equity and
   Inclusion ​

Office of Business Student

E. J. Ourso College of Business​

Louisiana State University

Deborah D Hazzard HS.jpg

Dr. Deborah D. Hazzard

Associate Dean of Diversity and
   Inclusion ​

Clinical Associate Professor,
   Management Department ​

Darla Moore School of Business

University of South Carolina

James King, Jr HS.jpeg

Dr. James King, Jr.

Minnie Caddell Miles-Frank A.
   Rose Memorial Endowed
   C&BA Professorship of

Associate Dean for Diversity,
   Equity and Inclusion

Culverhouse College of Business

University of Alabama

Barbara A Lofton HS.jpeg

Dr. Barbara A. Lofton

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Walton College of Business

University of Arkansas

Annie S McGowan HS.jpeg

Dr. Annie S. McGowan

Interim Vice President Associate Provost for Diversity

Texas A&M University

Sital Singh HS.jpeg

Sital Sigh

Adjunct Instructor in

Project Manager

Diversity Liaison

School of Business Administration

University of Mississippi

Daryl Smith HS.png

Daryl Smith

Kemper Fellow for Teaching 

Assistant Teaching Professor of

Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College
   of Business

University of Missouri

Robert Thomas HS.png

Dr. Robert E. Thomas

Darden Restaurants Professor
   of Diversity Management​

Assistant Dean for Diversity,
   Equity, and Inclusion​

Warrington College of Business​

University of Florida

Clarence L Vaughn HS.png

Clarence L. Vaughn II

Director of the Office of
   Diversity and Community

Haslam College of Business

University of Tennessee

Sonya L Wiley HS.png

Dr. Sonja Wiley

Associate Professor and
   Diversity Advisor ​

Donald Lindley and Ruby
   Wright Phillips​

Developing Scholar

E. J. Ourso College of Business​

Louisiana State University

Scott Kelly Headshot.JPG

Dr. Scott Kelley

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Diversity Officer

Professor of Marketing

Gatton College of Business &

University of Kentucky

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